Your business is unique. We treat it that way.

Leisa Clarke

-More than 30 years in Human Resources

-Certified Human Resource Professional

-Nationally accredited Mediator

-Direct experience across a variety of public and private sectors

Leisa loves solving problems and helping businesses improve and will do whatever it takes to help you get on top of things.   Leisa tells it like it is and understands that good things come from hard work.  She’ll be there to support you all the way.


Greg Wheeler

-Diploma of Human Resources

-15 years business ownership experience

-Qualified workplace investigator

Having run his own businesses in the past, Greg knows that human resourcing can demand attention and create undue stress when it gets out of hand. His great value is to take up the strain and carry some of the load for his clients while helping them get back on track.

His focus will be to make sure you can spend more time doing what you love and what drives your business