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3 reasons regional recruitment is difficult and what you can do about it.

Even though many people have lost work during the pandemic, regional recruiters are finding it difficult to attract quality applicants. There just don’t seem to be enough candidates out there.

So where are they?

Firstly, the JobKeeper subsidy has kept the job market flat. People will ultimately be looking for work but they may not have considered it a priority before now.

Secondly, job seekers want job security. In the current conditions, with many businesses struggling due to the pandemic, people are reluctant to leave a secure position to join a business that they don’t know and may not feel secure in.

And thirdly, while many people would ideally like to move to a regional area, the uncertainty and insecurity in the workforce generally means that people are reluctant to commit to the move.

So how can you attract them to your business?

  1. Promote more than just the role – sell the value of the community; the lifestyle; the schools, or perhaps factor in some flexibility.
  2. Make relocation easy – consider covering some of the relocation costs or making arrangements with a local real estate agent for guaranteed accommodation for a six-month period.
  3. Consider a broader solution – offer something that other similar roles do not offer, something unique to your role or business that makes it worthwhile for that good candidate to make the decision to move.

There are many ways an experienced recruiter can refine the approach to ensure a better result.


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Published: Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

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