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Aligning employee expectations with business goals – can it be done?

For many businesses today aligning employee expectations with organisational goals is a challenge; you can’t achieve great results if your workforce isn’t engaged!

When executed thoughtfully, the process of setting goals and managing expectations provides benefit to both the business and its employees.

A recent Gallup poll found that employees are 3.5 times more likely to be engaged in their work if they feel that their individual expectations are both aligned with, and furthering, the company’s goals.

So how do you get your employees’ expectations to become part of the process of making your business better?

Fostering a culture of respect, understanding and accountability over all levels of the business is important so that all employees feel their role is important in your business’s success.

Encourage thinking outside the square; identify and discuss existing strengths with your employees and match them with your business goals.

Alignment of an employee’s work also shows the employee how they contribute to the business goals.

For example find out what training and or development an employee may want to do and work out how it could benefit your company.  Investigate how this might work in with succession planning and training up future leaders within your business.

Are there personal goals that they would like to achieve that may fit into your company’s goals? For example, the leadership course they might like to do to help them be a better football coach can also translate into them being a better supervisor at work.

Also what are any de-motivating or frustration points your employees may be experiencing and how can they be overcome?  Consider your methods for feedback and involve the employees in actions taken as a result of that feedback

An increase in employee skills and qualifications paid for by the employer can provide an opportunity to meet the expectations and achieve the goals of both parties with the added benefit that you are likely to retain the employee for longer as it brings loyalty, as well as an increase in capability and productivity.

Published: Thursday, April 27th, 2023

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