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Fuel Cards: Traps and tips to manage their use

So how many of you have company vehicles with fuel cards?

Next question:

How often do you check that the amount of fuel that those vehicles are using equates to the kilometres travelled?

Do you insist that your staff give the correct vehicle odometer reading to the sales attendant when refuelling?

It is not hard to get a good indication of the consumption that each vehicle uses by reviewing the sales docket – litres against the correct odometer reading.

Why, well it is not unusual for a jerry can of fuel to end up in the wife’s car or the motor bike etc .

Remember, once it’s started it is hard to stop and it is theft – from the business. How does the song go?  From little things, big things grow.

So, in your Company policy on Vehicles – (You do have a Vehicle Policy don’t you!)

  • You should have the clause that “correct odometer readings are required when refuelling the company vehicles”. All fuel cards should ensure an odometer reading is entered.
  • You must get all your staff who are using or have been allocated a company vehicle to sign off on the revised Vehicle Policy.
  • Get your office staff to set up a small spread sheet and when they get the monthly statement from the Fuel supplier, they check the sales dockets litres against odometers for each vehicle travelled.

If discrepancies start to appear then you can ask questions and you have the proof. Always remember to write your notes in your Diary.


If you need help drafting a Company Vehicle Policy give us a call, we are here to help 02 60 09 1000 


The WorkBetter Team

Published: Monday, May 17th, 2021

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