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Is your business experiencing “Quiet Quitting”?

There have been some interesting articles recently about how the Australian workforce has slowed down and working at a more measured pace since the COVID-19 pandemic.

An interesting term being thrown around is “quiet quitting.”  Instead of someone leaving their employer they continue working but at a slower pace than they would have done pre-pandemic.

With all the current pressures on business to keep production at the highest possible level with less employees, ongoing stock limitations and all the problems that the world has and is still throwing at us, then it may not shock you to hear that your employees are wanting to slow down.

You may have heard the term “work to rule”; this is where employees do the basics of what is required of them and do not go above and beyond.  Well, “quiet quitting” is a form of “work to rule”, but “quiet quitting” is more of a realignment of the work expectations employees now have.

So how does affect employers. Firstly, we suggest that you look at how your employees are working. Are they doing things that are really necessary? .eg. producing a report that no one reads anyway.

Another term being used is “friction points.” These are points in the process that take up a lot of time where either technology or more people power will reduce the time that it takes to get the process done.

So again, stand back and look at how things are being done and work with your employees to reduce any friction points.

When economic pressures tighten people hold onto everything that they can; including their job.  So, the employees that you have at the moment are the ones that will most likely be with you during a downturn if one does occur.

So how can you incentivise your employees so that they align with the companies’ goals?

Well firstly and most importantly, you can talk with them.  Outside of a pay increase beyond the CPI, think about what other incentives can you provide the individual employee or all your employees that makes them feel wanted and respected.  For example; a job review or flexible work hours, a fuel or store voucher for an employee may create loyalty far beyond a pay increase.

If you need assistance or information about this or any other employment matter, as always, we are here to help you.  If you wish to discuss further, give Leisa and the WorkBetter team a call on 02 6009 1000.

Published: Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

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