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Mental Health & Wellbeing for Business Owners.

If you don’t look after you ……

Who looks after your business!

Being the owner of a business in today’s everchanging world can be stressful.   When your name is on the door it can be easy to let day-to-day pressures get on top of you; but taking care of your own mental health and wellbeing is every bit as important as taking care of your business and your employees workplace health.

So, what can you do to take care of your own mental health and work mindfulness into your usual life routines?

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Nowadays we know that employee’s mental health wellbeing is a quantifiable business cost, but have you thought about the cost of your mental health and wellbeing to your business?

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing is just as important as looking after your employees and your business!  If you don’t look after yourself, who looks after your business!

A number of recent studies and research papers have found that some of the key causes of stress for business owners is finding a balance between the competing demands of work/business and their personal life; with the latter being the main casualty and additionally the perceived stigma associated with mental health holds them back from seeking assistance.

Having an improved focus on rest, wellbeing and talking about difficulties you may be experiencing is a big part of your journey to become a better business leader.

Don’t overwork yourself – remember you’re human too!

Working long and impractical hours trying to meet lofty goals you’ve set for your business is destructive, not only for you as a person but for ultimately for your business as well.

If you’re tired and working yourself into the ground then you’re not able to lead your employees or your business effectively.

As you do with your employees, set yourself weekly work hours and try to stick to them – working 12-14 hour days, 5, 6 or even 7 days a week or more is not humanly sustainable!  Sleep, relaxation and downtime to recharge and recover are vital tools for effective business leaders.

Take time out for yourself – non-work-related activities are important!

Make sure you have time set aside for things that aren’t about work or business-related. The goal is to take yourself away from the daily stresses and to give yourself a life outside your business.

Find something that interests you; eg. are you a hiker, does a social sport interest you, for example tennis, soccer or get involved in with your kids activities?  The aim is to relax, have fun, enjoy and socialise somewhere that you aren’t the boss!

Find a pastime that promotes wellbeing

There are plenty of pastimes that can help you lower your stress and anxiety levels finding you a peaceful place. Exercise programs that incorporate mindfulness like yoga or tai chi are good ways to not only get fit and stay fit, but also relax your mind and body.

Meditation or even reading a good book (not work-related mind you!) are pastimes that helps you to empty your mind of day-to-day stresses and take you to a more relaxed space. Any time away from a computer screen or the office helps you to kick back and unwind

Talk about it, the best way to beat a problem is to share it!

If you are experiencing business-related stress and anxiety, the worst thing you can do is keep it all bottled up.  It may seem hard at the time but opening up and talking about what is stressing you is the ‘first best step’ to relieving it.

Talking things over with your significant other, your business adviser or accountant or even a professional counsellor is a great place to start.  While it may be daunting be up front about your state of mind as well as any business stresses you’ll find people are more than willing to listen, understand and offer support.  What have you got to lose?

Talk to us 

Talk to Leisa and the WorkBetter team; we know and understand the common business-related fears, challenges and goals that will be on your mind.  We can help with options to take some of the weight off your shoulders.

You have nothing to lose, and a chat can be the start of a whole new way of thinking about your business, your employees and most importantly about your own wellbeing.

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Published: Tuesday, August 29th, 2023

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