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Outplacement – what is it?

As I sat daydreaming the other day, a rare luxury, I looked out of our window and watched the deciduous tree lose its leaves.  It was getting ready for winter ready for winter and what struck me is that we in business also occasionally experience a “Winter” where we too need to shed some of our excess.

The decision to downsize some of your staff is one of the most traumatic times for a business owner or manager.  It’s a decision that can and does ripple through all of your organisation.

Logically the person who is to be let go and their family are most affected and need to be supported but remember that those who remain are also affected and they too will need your support as their employer.

One crucial way for you to be seen to be a good employer by staff who remain, is to offer the departing staff member, the chance to be supported as well.  Outplacement is where the leaving staff member will sit down with a career councillor to look at their future career options. Generally, if you were to offer 4 hours of outplacement support to the former staff member, they will be able to work though several options and will feel that they are back in control of their lives.  They may decide to stay in the same industry or take the opportunity to upskill and retrain or, in some cases, even retire.

But remember that those staff who remain will also need your support, so you need to very open with them about the decision and explain that you have offered the outplacement.

Also remember that after the “Winter” comes “Spring” with a flush of growth and that deciduous tree turns into a beautiful, lush specimen.

Our team can provide qualified Outplacement support to assist you and your outgoing staff member, so if you wish to discuss this service please give us a call 02 6009 1000.


The WorkBetter Team




Published: Friday, September 17th, 2021

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