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Policies – who needs them?

Well that answer is pretty simple.  Any business that employs people needs policies.

Policies are like insurance – no-one is really interested until they need them.

But a set of basic policies can be vital to the smooth running of your operation, and a really useful to guide people faced with new situations.

Take a situation where an employee is bullying another staff member. The manager hasn’t had this issue before and isn’t sure what to do (so is probably putting off doing anything).

This is a potentially stressful situation and if not addressed, can lead to disharmony and a loss of productivity, it may have even greater repercussions down the track. However, if there is a Performance and Misconduct Policy already in place, So:

  • the process is clear
  • because there is some guidance available, the manager is more likely to address the issue.
  • both the manager and the employee know what the process is, which avoids confusion and anxiety, and potential communication issues.
  • the response is not reactive and there is less likelihood of making things worse.

So, whilst you will hopefully never need it, a Performance and Misconduct Policy is  designed to save you time and stress, help your business to stay productive, and prevent small problems becoming big ones.

Getting some basic policies in place will assist you in running your business, keep staff aware of their obligations and will most likely save you money in the long term.

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The WorkBetter Team

Published: Monday, May 17th, 2021

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