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Supporting our community

Think of all the communities that we all belong to and how we interact in these COVID times.  We  are always grateful to those amongst us who give our time to help others.

Not everyone wants to jump on a Fire Truck or stand on a street corner rattling a tin.
Most of us give our time to our communities in ways that best suit us.

We all need to choose our own way and it can be big or small, it all makes a difference.  One way that Leisa gives her time is as a volunteer HR mentor to the BEC (Business Enterprise Centre) and Business Wodonga members who need her expertise in Human Resources. Often the business is a start-up that is struggling with the concepts of who, what and where of employing staff for the first time.

With over thirty years of people management Leisa as you are all aware is able to relate and bring the most complex situations down to basic terms. So, if you know of someone who is in Business and they could use Leisa’s help, get them to contact the Chamber or the BEC.

So, to all of you who give our time and expertise willingly the WorkBetter Team salute you. Our communities need you.


The WorkBetter Team.

PS: If you are a HR Professional contact Leisa to arrange to come to the next HR practitioner night, no marketing, no selling just empathy and laughter.

Published: Monday, May 17th, 2021

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