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Welcome to our new offices!

The next time that you’re driving along High Street in Wodonga, just between Baker Motors and Red Rooster, stop and walk in the door to our new office space.

You cannot miss us as we have plenty of signage to let you know that we are here!

Darren from DA Signs was looking for someone to take over part of his ground floor space and it was perfect for us and we’re delighted with the arrangements.

With great office space and a dedicated meeting / interview / training room and a real “Funky” board room table in the meeting room we would be delighted to offer you a tea or coffee and if time permits a good chat.

You may also be greeted by Digger, who is our 14-year-old Staffie who goes to work with Leisa on a regular basis. “Digs” takes his work commitments very seriously. On many occasions if someone is a little upset, he will quietly and gently lean on their leg to let them know that “all is OK” and we watch with amazement as they relax as they place a hand on him for reassurance.

So, the next time you are passing, drop in to 52 High Street to say hi.  We would be very pleased to see you,



The WorkBetter Team

Published: Monday, May 17th, 2021

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