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WorkBetter – My, how we’ve grown!

Our Story so far.....

We were looking back recently on just how far WorkBetter has developed from a single person start up business 8 years ago to bricks & mortar today and also the range and variety of businesses we now deal with.

Over the past 8 years we’ve seen quite a bit of change and had the privilege of working with great clients and helping them grow and develop just as we have, so we thought we’d share a little of our WorkBetter journey with you!

After many years in a variety of HR and management roles it became clear that the one size fits all approach to human resourcing doesn’t always work for everyone, every time and everywhere!

We realised that providing a tailored and cost-effective approach to HR support services made a lot more sense, especially for small and medium sized businesses who may not have the financial or physical resources to do it and found that sourcing this type of support elsewhere was always difficult.

So the WorkBetter Way was developed.  Initially operating out of home premises at Beechworth, creating our point of difference in the marketplace, slowly developing our client base and in doing so creating lasting and productive relationships with businesses in the region.

We were now working with businesses of all sizes and across North East Victoria, Southern NSW and even into Queensland – we were growing!

In August 2020 it became clear that we needed to expand our premises and increase our services, so the big decision was made to go “bricks & mortar.”

Over the next weeks we watched our space in the DA Signs building in Wodonga go from bare bones to a completed, comfortable and inviting office space with a separate meeting room where we could easily and confidentially meet, work with our clients either online or away from their workplaces as is sometimes needed.

As WorkBetter continued to grow, Julie and Sharon joined the WorkBetter crew in 2021 and Linda moved on to be closer to home & family commitments.  2022 saw Greg embrace retirement to travel and enjoy his growing family and sadly we lost our little  four-legged staff member Digger at the grand old age of 15yrs.

This year we’ve revamped our meeting space and expanded our online capability, we also welcomed our new Staffy Dinah to our team and she has fitted right into her employee-support role and her very comfortable workstation!

In the 3 years since moving into Wodonga our office and the faces of our team may have  changed but our ongoing enjoyment, dedication and commitment in providing our clients with quality HR service and support hasn’t.

Today Leisa, Sharon and Julie continue to provide quality support for our existing clients far & wide and enjoy welcoming new clients to our WorkBetter family. 


Have you called into our office recently?  We’d love to see you for a coffee and chat soon!

Published: Monday, October 30th, 2023

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