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Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning….. yes we all think about it and yes we all “plan” to do it but how many of us actually manage to get it done and in place effectively!

Workforce planning is a must for every business but can challenging  especially now, at a time when we are seeing skill shortages across the board and most businesses being impacted by the recent financial sector shockwaves.

“Where to start and how to” is usually the biggest hurdle for most businesses who may not have done this before or started out with a plan that ended up failing.

The essential first step for any business is to carry out an analysis of the business; what are the internal and external influences on your business?  In other words work out the who, what, when and where of work.

Once you have this information then you can move onto recognising and assessing possible risks to your talent strategy

Then you have to execute; this involves bringing together all the insights gathered from the analysis of your business and it’s needs, market trends and stakeholder feedback, etc to develop an implementation plan – this will be the roadmap to get you there!

Now all this sounds reasonably simple but in reality it is just the start; the most important part of implementing any workforce planning is to monitor and modify going forward.

The best laid plans often fall over or just don’t work from the start when they’re set in stone and don’t adapt to keep meeting the needs of the business.

Do you need help with workforce planning for your business in order to achieve its needs, wants and aspirations going forward?  If the answer is yes, then give us a call, drop us a line or call into our office.

The WorkBetter team

Published: Tuesday, July 12th, 2022

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