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Working from Home without Permission

Did you know that the Fair Work Commission recently ruled that the termination of an employee who refused to return to her workplace and continued to work from home without her employer’s permission was valid!

We know that many employers  have been requesting that their employees return to the workplace now that the imminent dangers associated with the COVID pandemic have passed.

However not all their employees want to return to their offices as they have become quite used to working from home for a variety of reasons and there will be times when an employer will agree to continue the working from home arrangement.

A request for flexible working arrangements is now a normal part of employees’ entitlements but they do come with responsibilities for both the employee as well as the employer!

Working from Home is not an automatic entitlement and should only occur with permission and agreement between the employer and employee; including clear guidelines for doing so.

So the question for employers is are your policies and procedures around working from home robust and stand up to scrutiny if challenged?  And importantly do your employees know about them!

As always it’s good HR practice to make sure that your policies and procedures are up to date in this ever changing business climate.

If your business has employees working from home or other remote locations, ensure that there are clear guidelines around the employee’s duties, location and hours of work, breaks and that all information is documented,  communicated & signed off by both the employee and the employer.

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Published: Tuesday, December 19th, 2023

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