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May 17 2021

Some recent success stories from our team

When was the last time that you “really” congratulated yourself and your team on a great job well done? We all get wrapped up in...
May 17 2021

Fuel Cards: Traps and tips to manage their use

So how many of you have company vehicles with fuel cards? Next question: How often do you check that the amount of fuel that those...
May 17 2021

Policies – who needs them?

Well that answer is pretty simple.  Any business that employs people needs policies. Policies are like insurance – no-one is really interested until they need...
May 17 2021

Welcome to our new offices!

The next time that you’re driving along High Street in Wodonga, just between Baker Motors and Red Rooster, stop and walk in the door to...
May 17 2021

Credit Cards – Take control or risk a lot.

So how many Credit Cards do you have in your business? We do know of one organisation that had hundreds, yep, I kid you not,...
May 17 2021

Who actually is a casual employee?

In business it is often difficult to manage the correct number of staff required all of the time. This is where casual employees are really...