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Help employees who have contributed to your success transition with dignity and support.
Your workers are unique. We treat them that way.

The Outplacement or Transition to Retirement process can be a challenging and stressful time for both workers and managers alike.  We’re here to help!

All managers, at some stage will need to deal with workers who are no longer required or supported by the business model or are ready to retire but are fearful of “the great unknown”

It is commonly one of the more stressful situations a manager must deal with, but can also be stressful for their worker.  

WorkBetter offers Outplacement and Transition to Retirement program, guidance and support to everyone involved in the process.  

If your manager just needs some advice or tools to help manage a worker’s exit or support during the process; we’re here to help.  We can even manage the entire process, end to end for you if needed.

Our Outplacement and Transition programs supports those employees whose services are no longer required by your business and assists them in developing skills and methods to enable them to transition smoothly or redeploy.


We provide a cost-effective Outplacement or Transition to Retirement program tailored to the needs of the worker and your business.

Our programs offer support, assessment and coaching on key topics:
* Career pathways,
* Resume design,
* Interview techniques in individual or group programs,
* Support for the manager and all individuals throughout the program,
* Assistance in developing realistic goals and advice to help achieve them,
* A platform for everyone to move forward with pride and understanding.


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