WorkBetter Provides Business Support

Workbetter provides up-to-date Human Resource expertise that is tailored for your business, not an off-the-shelf solution.

We provide additional support for special projects or for the times when your workload peaks or staff are away.

Our Human Resource support services are cost-effective when compared to full-time, in-house resources, as they are used only when needed – eliminating constant overhead costs.

Help free up internal resources so you can concentrate on other key areas of your business

  • Employment contracts development - Providing contracts for all levels of employment.
  • Restructure/reorganisation assistance - Providing support and guidance through the process, including outplacement support for redundant employees.
  • Succession planning - Providing assistance in developing systems and processes, that align employees’ capabilities with your organisation, ensuring you grow the skills of your employees and prevent knowledge walking out the door.
  • New business set up - Providing start-up businesses or greenfield sites with guidance and support.

Apart from our highly skilled core staff we have strategic alliances with a discreet number of highly experienced business professionals in the fields of:

  • Business accounting and taxation
  • Manufacturing operations and Lean continuous improvement
  • Technical drawing and design

Be proactive, don't wait for issues to arise before you react. Contact WorkBetter to ensure your business keeps adding value to your life.

Please note: If we are not able to provide you with the services that are most appropriate to you and your business, we will say that we are not able to help, but may be able to provide an appropriate professional's contact details for you.