Introducing The WorkBetter Team

Say hello to Leisa Clarke

Leisa Clarke

Mobile: 0467 507 316

Email: [email protected]

Leisa has more than 25 years in Human Resources, is a Certified Human Resource Professional and Nationally Accredited Mediator.

Leisa managed Human Resource, Occupational Health and Safety and Industrial Relations in a variety of organisations and industry sectors, from Engineering, Logistics, Manufacturing and Sales in the Private sector through to Water and Education in the Public sector.

During her time in the region it became very apparent that Human Resources and associated support services for organisations in regional areas required providers to be sought from the capital cities, substantially decreasing service availability and often making the support service costs prohibitive.

Say hello to Will Vale

Will Vale

Mobile: 0428 975 088


Will has more than 25 years in Recruitment and Employment Services and is a qualified Career counsellor and Trainer.

Will has provided Recruitment and Employment Services across a variety of organisations and sectors, from Multinational Engineering and Manufacturing organisations to Building and Construction, Retail and Hospitality.

Say hello to Marg Arnold

Marg Arnold

Marg Arnold

Marg has more than 25 years’ experience in people management in the hospitality industry and the public library sector. She is a trained workplace investigator and has a special interest in policy development.

Marg has qualifications in Human Resources, Management, Business, Professional Writing & Editing and Training & Assessment.